Luxury goods companies live and die for their brands. This is clearly evident in the Interbrand top 100 list. The study of product and brand management is critical for any manager in building marketing strategy because brands now-a-days are considered the most valuable assets a company can have. Many claim that they can offer a long-term competitive advantage. This module explores the nature and role of the product from the perspective of brand delivery and experience across a range of luxury sectors. It highlights the importance of effective brand management in the luxury goods and services sector through a detailed consideration of the relative literature, supported by contextual examples. In addition, it explores the role of product, as a functional and value transfer device and as a brand dimension. The module will further explore building and managing brand equity and discuss how to develop successful brand strategies. By adopting a cross-category perspective of the business models used by international luxury organisations, this module focuses on the formulation and implementation of strategy.