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A potential solution to the trillion dollar digital shopping cart abandonment challenge

Digital shopping cart abandonment is a trillion dollar problem that is prevalent across the e-commerce industry irrespective of the sector. Our research sheds light on how to solve this challenge using the self-regulation motivation.

If most people can have it, is it Luxury?

Today, I went to London for a research visit and while sitting in the train for about 90 minutes I counted the number of handbags I could see and identify for fun. I was not scanning everywhere in the boggy but I was just looking at the people whom I can see directly [Read Story]

Does packaging affect your final purchase decision?

As the Christmas vacation nears to its end and the new year beacons I had the privilege to observe, give and receive quite a few gifts. In my case though, I was mostly on the giving end of the pleasure. Image by minifig via Flickr While the wrapping paper was being bought and later removed [Read Story]

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