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How in-store sampling influences your choice?

Can in-store sampling motivate you to act and purchase a cosmetics product? In this research, we looked at the significant motivations driving cosmetics shopping in retail setting, and examined how in-store sampling can be used to enhance choice goal attainment. We also focused on the influence of choice goal attainment on decision satisfaction when in-store sampling is used as a promotion technique.

The compromise effect in our decision making

[podcast][/podcast] Most consumers in developed and emerging markets are now facing an interesting choice making dilemma. It’s the dilemma of plenitude. This relates to most purchase decisions which includes a wide spectrum of products and services from buying corn flakes (a fairly low ticket item) to a car (a fairly big ticket item) and even [Read Story]

Thriving on consumer irrationality

It has been well-established in psychology literature that consumers are highly irrational in most of their decision making. Moreover, Daniel Kahneman (the Noble laureate) and Amos Tversky (who would have also won it if he didn't die in 1996) have shown using various experiments throughout their research career that we as consumers are very poor [Read Story]

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