We are happy to announce a special issue of ‘Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics’ on ‘Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia’ guest edited by Prof. Kim-Shyan Fam, Prof. Ernest de Run and me.

Asia is a continent of paradoxes. It has some of the fastest growing economies of the world, the largest populace, and some of the wealthiest as well as the poorest societies in the world. It also possesses rich web of cultural complexities. Since the days of the Silk Route, Asia has always fascinated historians, merchants, philosophers and rulers from other parts of the world. Recently however, increasing household income, higher education and an expanding mid-to-high income class with smaller families, globalization, westernization influences and plus the loosening of regulations on foreign direct and indirect investments by most Asian governments have spurred the influx of global businesses into the Asian market. This creates an interesting situation in Asia in the realm of business. Contradiction abounds, from that of a traditional business marketing effort such as relationship marketing to the specialized mass marketing of mega businesses.

Given this growing attractiveness of the Asian region, we invite submission to a special issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics focusing on Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia. We encourage papers both theoretical and empirical using either qualitative or quantitative methodology.

We welcome the submission of papers that address the Special Issue theme as well as all functional areas of marketing. Authors may consider any of the subject areas listed below, but need not limit their options to these areas. If you are uncertain whether your paper fits the Special Issue theme or not, please contact the guest editors:

  • Agricultural Marketing
  • B2B, CRM and Relationship Marketing
  • Branding for Services
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Country of Origin effects in International Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • E-Marketing
  • Environmental Marketing
  • Market Orientation
  • Marketing in Transition Economies
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Marketing of Education
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Retail Marketing
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Sales Promotion and Sponsorships
  • Service Quality Excellence
  • Services Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Accepted papers will be published in Volume 24 Issue #2, 2012. Papers must conform to the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics requirements. Please send your submissions by email to either one of the guest editors by March 01, 2011.

APJML: Download the PDF version of call for paper.

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