Professor Shukla’s views, interviews and comments appear in mainstream media regularly. He is commonly asked about the recent developments in the field of marketing especially in the area of branding and luxury marketing, emerging markets and consumer behaviour. Few of the recent appearances can be seen below.

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The Perfect Balance: How Luxury Brands Can Maintain Exclusivity And Still Be Relatable Online

BBC Radio 3

The Sunday Feature: Deluxe Edition

Sputnik Radio

WEEKLY SPECIAL: New Chair of Tesla’s BoD with Professor of Marketing Paurav Shukla


Why the perceived value of lab-made diamonds is on the up

Business Insider

Lab-made diamonds are posing threat to the natural ones


How lab-made diamonds are stealing the shine (and market share) from natural ones


How lab-made diamonds are stealing market share from natural ones

The Conversation 

Big advertisers are boycotting Facebook but it’s not enough to #StopHateforProfit – here’s why

How lab-made diamonds are stealing market share from natural ones

The Sunday Times

Rich leave their Rolex at home in credit crunch

The Guardian 

The luxury market is tricky to crack but the rewards can be great


Consumers like copycat products, says UK smartphone study

Retail Wire

Do Consumers Prefer Copycat Products?

Wall Street Journal (Live Mint)

Dissecting icons

China ready news

Asian luxury consumers are diverse

Business Matters

Stop searching for a USP shoppers love copycat products


Why Consumers Love Copycat Products

The Conversation 

Consumers in Asia buy luxuries for different reasons to the West

What Mobile

Consumers love copycat devices, says UK study

Evan Carmichael Entrepreneurship Forum

Managing Luxury Brands in Recession

The 5 killer myths for any business OR how to fail successfully in business…

Luxury consumption: Will it really be affected by recession?

Middle-ages consumers & luxury consumption

Luxury consumption tendencies in recession: early evidence 

Epoch times

Consumers in Asia Buy Luxuries for Different Reasons to The West

Woman’s Wear Daily

Fashion’s Exhibitionist Streak

Luxury Society 

A Closer Look At Luxury Consumption In Asia

Should luxury brands use Twitter? 

Interpersonal Influences on British & Indian Luxury Consumption

Luxury brand extension: handle with care 

Defining luxury: the conundrum of perspectives

Luxury Facts

Valuing the luxury purchase

National Post of Canada

Brown Bag Couture


Asian luxury consumers are diverse

The next web

Facebook has been barely impacted by big advertisers’ boycott — here’s why