Following are some of examples my own behavioural patterns (which I think is interesting) I have observed over a period of time with technology products:

1. For the first 30 days I was so engaged with twitter and then on I haven’t even looked at it ones. For those 30 days I was so hell-bent over increasing the number of followers and now I don’t care really.

2. When Microsoft launched the ‘voice command’ for PPC I was like WOW and installed it and used it for a week (more of an ostentatious display among tech friends showing them I have a new mobile secretary :) ). However, by the end of the week I didn’t make a single query using the software.

3. I got this pedometer as I walk quite a bit and used it for about a week and again it was lost in space.

What is it with these innovative products which fascinate us for a really short period of time and then they fade away extremely quickly?

While quite interesting at first what makes them become nuicense (in some cases) very quickly?

Why most of these innovative products don’t stick?

While there is this sudden break in some innovation there are some other innovations which keep coming back to me and again fade quite easily. For example, I use ubuntu (the free OS) quite a bit for some time and then it slowly fads away. Then after a period of 3 months or so I will pick it up again and it will fade again.

What does this engagement and re-engagement scenario presents in terms consumer behaviour?

I have seen some research regarding adoption of innovation but how about fading away of innovation and re-engagement with an innovation. I guess these are some pretty interesting questions which need answers. I haven’t come across much research regarding this (probably I am wrong on this).

Do share your own examples of innovative products fading away or your own findings.