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Werther effect (the power of negative news)

The story behind the Werther effect is highly intriguing and chilling. In 1774, the giant of German literature, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, published a novel titled The Sorrows of Young Werther (German: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers). Finished in six weeks of intensive writing during January–March 1774, the novel instantly made the 24-year-old Goethe one [Read Story]

Call for Papers: 2013 IMRA International Conference, Zagreb, Croatia

Being a conference co-chair for the 2013 IMRA International Conference, I will like to invite the readers of my website to submit their research work at the above conference. The conference is organized by IMRA in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) / American College of Management & Technology (ACMT) in Zagreb, Croatia. The [Read Story]

Event Invitation: Beyond Bling: The role of conspicuous consumption in today’s society

Beyond Bling: The role of conspicuous consumption in today’s society 6th November 2012, 3pm – 5pm Clarence Room, Hilton Metropole, Brighton - BN1 2FU Recently, I won funding from Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) of the UK to arrange an event under the auspices of Festival of Social Science 2012. So, you are warmly [Read Story]

2012 IMRA Emerging Markets Conference in London

      International Management Research Academy (IMRA) 2012 Emerging Markets Conference Emerging Markets and the New Dynamics of Management Since centuries, it has been perceived that, the western world is at the forefront of innovative theories and practices in management. Last two decades have evidently demonstrated that now it is no more the hegemony [Read Story]

Special issue of APJML on ‘Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia’

We are happy to announce a special issue of 'Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics' on 'Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia' guest edited by Prof. Kim-Shyan Fam, Prof. Ernest de Run and me. Asia is a continent of paradoxes. It has some of the fastest growing economies of the world, the largest populace, [Read Story]

What goals do you strive for?

Recently I was listening to the book 'Drive' by Daniel Pink wherein the author discusses how the present day motivational philosophy of focused on rewards and punishment falls short in today’s environment. While listening to the book one of the interesting concepts I came across was the idea of ‘performance goals’ vs. ‘learning goals’. Performance [Read Story]

Waving Good bye to Google Wave: Lessons in positioning

A year ago, when it was launched, it was one of the most hyped products (service) from Google. It was hailed as the next generation of communication and the big G was promoting it as everyone will move away from regular email and will use Google Wave. Today, it was announced that Google “doesn't plan [Read Story]

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