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Customer satisfaction: Is that what we should measure? Really?

While discussing with some of my MBA students the issue of customer satisfaction measurement (especially customer satisfaction surveys) cropped up. Over these years, when talking to managers about market research the issue of satisfaction measurement, customer satisfaction survey and employee satisfaction survey are among the top five issues. However, I always ask the question as [Read Story]

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Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity

While there are many festivities which are related to various types of consumption (i.e. Christmas with Turkey, Diwali with fire crackers, Easter with Easter eggs and so on) Valentine's day provides a unique opportunity for marketers to target a very vibrant and highly consumption oriented group, the youth.There are some distinctly unique characteristics of Valentine's [Read Story]

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Luxury consumption: Gucci’s response to recession

In my earlier blog in July ( I had stated that Luxury consumption will not affected as much globally by this recession. However, within the last six months the market performance of luxury companies has made analysts shift from one end of the pendulum to another.As many consumers look to cut costs for all their [Read Story]

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Collectivism: the new what and how?

Since last few days, I am in India enjoying the sunny weather. I am also working on a paper focusing on cross-cultural consumption. While referring to some literature for the consumption in India and the impact of culture, I came across the idea of 'collectivism' (also known as 'high context culture' or simply put 'strong [Read Story]

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Management and family

MCC has recently acquired a small but successful Swedish software company. Its head founded it three years ago with his son Carl, and was joined by his newly graduated daughter Clara and his youngest son Peter 12 months ago. Since the acquisition MCC has injected considerable capital and also given the company its own computer [Read Story]

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Re-negotiate the contract

A year after the BIG mining company had signed a 10 year long term contract with a foreign buyer to buy zinc in 10 annual instalments, the zinc market collapsed due to credit crisis. Instead of paying £6 a ton below world market price, the buyer now faced the prospect of paying £4 above.The buyer [Read Story]

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Research, what research?

Today, while looking through BBC website I came across this story about left and right handed people and the differences in their behaviour. The story is as follows:-------------------------------------- people 'more inhibited'People who are left-handed are more likely to get anxious or feel shy or embarrassed about doing or saying what they want, according to new [Read Story]

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The culture conundrum

Mr. Geddy Teok, an American – Chinese (second generation) employee of a large New Jersey pharmaceutical firm, was based in Tokyo, Japan. His main aim was to get a major joint venture going with one of the largest Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers. After four years of negotiating, the supreme moment had come for signing contracts. Obviously [Read Story]

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