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Antecedents to consumer confusion in financial services industry

It is only the later part of the 20th century financial services institutions (FSIs) started morphing into a different shape altogether. Previously, a bank provided only banking services (i.e. mostly a place where you can deposit and withdraw money or similar assets). However, banks changed their role in a short span of time from consumer [Read Story]

Impact of attitudinal and behavioural loyalty on future purchase intentions in cross-cultural context

Companies across the world recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The results of higher satisfaction in most cases are positive word-of-mouth and repeat purchase. This has direct impact on firm performance in terms of sales and profits as well as firm valuation. While the task of satisfaction in a single market is dynamic [Read Story]

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Impact of contextual factors, brand loyalty and brand switching on purchase decisions

Many marketers consider young adults aged between 18 and 24 as a distinct consumer segment that boasts considerable purchasing power. In the UK, such consumers spend around £10 billion each year, while it has been projected that young adults will inject more into the US economy than baby boomers by 2010.The young adult segmentThe importance [Read Story]

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Innovation, adoption and consumer behaviour

Following are some of examples my own behavioural patterns (which I think is interesting) I have observed over a period of time with technology products:1. For the first 30 days I was so engaged with twitter and then on I haven't even looked at it ones. For those 30 days I was so hell-bent over [Read Story]

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The changing face of luxury business

Luxury market is showing signs of recovery but then experts predicted something at the start of 2008, something different in the middle of 2008, in the late 2008 and in early 2009 too with reality hardly matching with the prediction. However, this time Financial Times has taken good care in bringing about some interesting issues [Read Story]

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If you can’t convice them, confuse them…

In the market with umpteen me-too products and brands marketers have few choices with how to develop, maintain and enhance relationships with their customers. The situation is worsened with multiplicity of communication channels including online (internet based) marketing and offline marketing and advertising.The increasing pace of media innovations is hard to keep up with. Added [Read Story]

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Impulsive buying behaviour in recession

Researchers suggest that 90% people across the world make occasional impulse purchases. However, when asked about impulsive buying behaviour approximately 30% to 50% only classify themselves as impulsive. This highlights two interesting issues: (1) consumers’ own understanding of what is impulsive; and (2) the difference between what consumers portray and what they really do. While [Read Story]

Power of public relations and the rise of celebrity hype

This week has brought about an interesting news item in terms of marketing thinking. On almost every mainstream daily newspaper in the UK this week the sad demise of Jade Goody has appeared to be on the front page. While it certainly is a sad event, when I saw this news item grabbing 2 of [Read Story]

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