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Luxury marketing: exploiting the heritage code of luxury brands

Marketing luxury brands is significantly trickier than regularly purchased brands. In this regards, many luxury brands from Europe seem to be stepping up a new kind of luxury marketing activity - exhibitions in prominent museums. For example, “Inspiration Dior” exhibition at the Pushkin Museum, Moscow; “Culture Chanel” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai; and [Read Story]

Luxury branding: back to basics

When using luxury brands consumers make a subtle claim that they are special, different and at the very forefront of social trends. Therefore, creating a fit between the social trends and keeping up with them is one of the critical strategic issues for all luxury brands. However, with mass-market brands gradually upgrading their appearance, strategic [Read Story]

The Alternative Vote (AV): moving from nominal to ordinal measurement

Tomorrow is a very important day for British citizens when we shall decide our next voting system - labelled as the Alternative Vote (AV). Presently, we use a simple voting system called ‘First past the post’ (FPTP). In this system, the candidate who has won the most amount of votes is the winner. So, lets [Read Story]

Effect of interpersonal influences on luxury consumption: empirical evidence

The article provides empirical evidence as to how others can influence purchase of luxury goods in different markets and suggests strategic managerial implications.

Is the investment on brand origin and brand image worth it? Case of luxury brands

While luxury brands spend significant amount of budget on branding, there is no empirical evidence as to is the investment really paying off from consumers' perspective. This articles explores the influence of luxury brand origin and brand image on consumer decision making for luxury brands.

Special issue of APJML on ‘Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia’

We are happy to announce a special issue of 'Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics' on 'Emerging Trends for Marketing in Asia' guest edited by Prof. Kim-Shyan Fam, Prof. Ernest de Run and me. Asia is a continent of paradoxes. It has some of the fastest growing economies of the world, the largest populace, [Read Story]

Luxury brands & interpersonal influences

The article discusses the importance of interpersonal influences in consumption decision and why it is important in the context of luxury however has not been tested till date. Provides avenues of how it can be explored in the case of luxury.

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