If you are completely new to pauravshukla.com, let me introduce you to it. The website has been in existence since 2005 giving lots of free material in terms of PPT and PDF presentations, books and other such material in the field of marketing. The sub-domain it covers include strategic marketing, international marketing, marketing research and luxury marketing.

The OLD website (still in existence at http://staff.bus.brighton.ac.uk/ps8) has been quite functional in nature. However, I wanted to change it to a web 2.0 format since long. In doing so, I have played for long with various platforms including flash, joomla, drupal and wordpress.

The new pauravshukla.com has following added features:

1. Simple and highly integrated layout where all course material and important subject matter is dealt with on a single page.

2. New section on ‘latest Qs and reviews’ providing people an idea of what is being in the field of marketing as of present and the latest book reviews.

3. Possibility of multiple author participation.

4. Quick navigation with recent posts and popular posts attached with.

5. Other simple and great advantages of wordpress platform.



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