Will Google WAVE really become successful?

Google Wave
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I don’t find any compelling reason for using it. One can argue that, you don’t have all your friends using it, however, in my case approximately 60 other friends are using it. And most of them can be put in as innovators or early adaptors in terms of technology products.

I guess Google tried to create that initial buzz which gave it tremendous success with Gmail and several other application by making it invitation only however, I don’t see the engagement. I was amazed how quickly I changed to Gmail from Yahoo and Hotmail as my main webmail.

Do you really see Google WAVE as future of communication as Google suggested or is it really proving the old saying ‘Success is the most successful recipe for failure’… What’s your opinion?

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17 Comments to “ Will Google WAVE really become successful?”

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  2. Carol says :

    I guess I agree with you on this. I don’t have many friends who use wave and moreover they have to be online also to actually get the wave going. It’s like an Instant Messenger merged with email, but what’s new?

  3. Sophie Ryan says :

    No. I think G Wave will be a hit big time. The tech ppl like me have already adopted it. A great tool for multi-tasking. You can’t do that with IMs and email. Explore it more and see the power. 5 star to GWave.

  4. Jonathan says :

    Agree with Sophie, it is going to be BIG and it’s going to change the way we communicate. Period.

  5. Vishal says :

    Don’t know about the success of it, but can only say that it looks promising for the moment. Though, many promising things have failed before.

  6. I think it will. The low early intake doesn’t suggest much promise but once it reaches the tipping point you will see it grow faster than anything else on the web.

  7. Jayne Larson says :

    I believe this is not going to succeed. I have used gooogle wave a for a little while and felt it was of no use for any particular reason. MSN does chat better, SKYPE calls better, GMAIL/Yahoo email better. So, where is Google Wave? Nowhere.

  8. Kendrick says :

    No. I don’t think it will. Like the other ppl said, it’s just not compelling enough. I can already see it fading.

  9. Parag Patel says :

    I don’t think google wave will be that successful. I got the invitation for it and then have hardly ever opened it after 2 days of playing with it. BTW, Your website looks really good.

  10. Google believer says :

    Great discussion. BTW, I believe google wave will be BIG. VERY BIG.

  11. Ken Chapman says :

    I use wave in my project work with mates and its cool. Dunno wht makes u ppl think it will fail… it will go on.

  12. Joanna says :

    I dont even use that Buzz thing they have introduced. wave is a sure failure.

  13. Burt Raynolds says :

    After a year of google Wave I hardly see anyone using it… seems your predictions are turning true.

  14. Jenice says :

    Well said Burt…

    It’s pretty clear that after all tht hype behind wave, it didn’t make a wave…:P

  15. Mina says :

    there is a mistake that google forgot about it.. we all knew about facebook and we all got invitations sent to our emails to join facebook as any social network and/or a new service. Google forgot to add the ability to send messages to emails directly from GoogleWave during its early launch phase , therefore, its growth is started slowly and will stay slow unless GoogleWave marketing team can find a magic solution to their problem. Creative thinking and simplicity can help google wave team to take off again.I will be happy if anyone asked for help. Marketing is easy . creative marketers are need to take over.

  16. Devin Karvis says :

    what are you thoughts on the new google instant tool bar on their search engine. it most assuredly is bad news to the little guy

  17. Dr. Paurav Shukla says :

    @Devin: Yes. It certainly is bad news for the small guy who is not very SEO savvy. However, the search tool strategy won’t work for customized search engine such as one on my website and so there is some hope.

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