What do teachers make? – An inspiring poem

Came across this fabulous poem by Taylor Mali on What do teachers make? The poet puts it in words so beautifully, I could not resist putting it on my website. Enjoy…

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2 Comments to “ What do teachers make? – An inspiring poem”

  1. Alisha says :

    What I love about blogs is the fact that they provoke an idea in my head. The moment that happens, I feel like I must provide feedback with the hope it will be interesting to some people. Because there are many personal blogs with diverse points of view, they encourage your perception. It’s at these occasions when you have vital insignt many others might not have had, not to mention the blogger himself/herself. I find myself returning to your blog simply because you have lots of very good insights and you are already at this a while, which is very impressive and tells me you know your stuff. Keep triggering ideas in other people!

  2. Manan says :

    Very inspiring poem indeed. My mother was a teacher at a secondary school and I can so very well relate this to her. Whenever, we went out in city, one of her students will be there. If we got a restaurant, the owner would be her student; if we went to some park, the ppl working would be her students. She always got the royal treatment and in turn we too. Power of a teacher is immense.

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