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What is your digital value strategy?

Value is a fundamental driver for consumer decision making. However, many organizations are unclear about what value consumer derive from their products or services. Moreover, this is even more complicated in the digital environment. Using research over the past decade, I provide a strategic toolkit to think and thrive through developing and managing digital value for your organization. 

How in-store sampling influences your choice?

Can in-store sampling motivate you to act and purchase a cosmetics product? In this research, we looked at the significant motivations driving cosmetics shopping in retail setting, and examined how in-store sampling can be used to enhance choice goal attainment. We also focused on the influence of choice goal attainment on decision satisfaction when in-store sampling is used as a promotion technique.

Rise of affordable luxury consumption

In past few posts, I have discussed the impact of recession on luxury consumption. In two of these posts (Luxury consumption: will it really be affected by recession? and Luxury Consumption Tendencies in Recession: Early Evidence) looking through an exploratory study, I opined that the overall luxury consumption will not decline as much in this recession due to several factors including, mass consumption trends, tourism trends and the rise of emerging markets.

The mass consumption trends have shown an interesting consumption trend overall which has been termed ‘the lipstick effect’. The effect relates to tougher economic conditions when consumers [Read Story]

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Invite: Status Consumption: A Journey Through Time & Cultures

  Inaugural Professorial Lecture entitled 'Status Consumption: A Journey Through Time & Cultures' Thursday 3 April 2014 6pm at GCU London campus at 40 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX Overview of Professorial Lecture The modern pursuit of personal identity and style through consumption is now widely recognised and is actively encouraged by marketers. In fact, consuming for status has become a defining element of new consumerist societies. However, status directed consumption is not a recent phenomenon. From the extravagance and excesses of ruling elites in earlier societies to the new business maharajas, status directed consumption behaviour has been well observed and documented. However, [Read Story]

Make them ‘buy now’: How to make users comfortable in buying through your website?

Importance of consumer concerns To create and sustain long-term and mutually beneficial online and offline relationships organizations need to reduce consumers’ perceived risk; increase consumer trust and lessen security and privacy concerns. Addressing these consumer concerns is highly important because consumers increasingly rely on internet for their regular information search and purchase. The recent cyber-attacks on many high profile corporations’ websites and privacy breach has made these consumers concerns even more prominent because within online context the face to face interaction is absent, behavioral intentions of the firm collecting personal data is not clear and in many cases information is [Read Story]

Luxury consumption and relatively little impact of recession: added evidence

In the earlier blog on ‘Luxury consumption: will it be affected by recession‘ I stated three reasons why top end luxury firms were less likely to get affected by the recession. The three reasons I stated were: (a) consumers at large were changing their attitude towards luxury consumption; (b) luxury firms were attracting consumers from much wider regions (especially from emerging markets) than developed markets and (c) world tourism was up which to me has a significant connection with luxury consumption.

Today, in Financial times Lex has written an article (attached below) which provides added evidence to what [Read Story]

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