Principal investigator

  • (2019-20) Effects of online gaming addiction among adolescences and their families: Funded by Academy of Marketing Science & Association Française du Marketing (AMS-AFM) Joint Research Initiative Grant: $1,000.
  • (2019-20) Tackling online gaming addiction among adolescences: The role of parental resilience and parenting styles: Funded by Small Research Grants, University of Southampton: £2,000.
  • (2017-18) Personalisation – building a beer selection algorithm for Hoppily, UK: funded by ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre: £7,048.
  • (2017-18) Market-driven branding strategy for Rise AR commercial Software Development Kit (SDK) for CGEye, UK: University of Essex Innovation Voucher Scheme: £4,950.
  • (2017-18) Market optimization strategy for a hobby social network for GoHinGo, UK: Data Analytics Innovation Voucher: £1,900.
  • (2016-19) Signalling Social Equality through Luxury Consumption: Invidious consumption among dominant and minority groups within societies and its consequences for health and well-being: funded by GCU internal scholarship grants (includes a funded PhD scholarship). Total Funding: £56,700.
  • (2015-16) Attitude function and luxury consumer behaviour: A developed and emerging markets comparison: funded by the GCU competitive grants. Total Funding: £1,998.
  • (2013-14) Beyond Bling: Comparing Conspicuous Consumption in Today’s Society: funded by the British Academy. Total Funding: £9,357.
  • (2012) Beyond Bling: The role of conspicuous consumption in today’s society: funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science. Total funding: £1,698.
  • (2006-07) Cross-Border Small Business Network Opportunity Study: An Interreg3A project for examining the opportunity of jointly developing a cross-border small business network by studying present and future needs of expertise, knowledge and know how of SMEs and potential entrepreneurs operating within East Sussex and Upper Normandy in 2006. Total funding: £34,625.
  • (2006-07) UK-India Education and Research Initiative Collaborative Programme Delivery Project Formulation Travel Grant for developing a short course on ‘Entrepreneurship and Strategic Marketing’. Total Funding: £1,500.


  • (2020 – 2025) The UK Research Hub for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS-UK); UKRI; £11,700,000.
  • (2018-20) Knowledge Transfer Partnership with ObjectiveIT. Total Funding: £155,998.
  • (2000-04) EU-India Cross Cultural Innovation Network Project: A project involving more than 5 nations across Europe and India, researching in the field of cross cultural understanding of industrial clusters through action research from 2000 to 2004. Total funding: £475,898.
  • (2005-07) Local Leisure Network: An Interreg3A project examining the managerial expertise, knowledge and know how of professionals and entrepreneurs operating in the tourism and leisure industry within the region identifying skills gaps and skill competence in 2006. Total funding: £897,055.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects

  • 5-Star Solutions Ltd. UK – Advisor for marketing
  • Plastipack Ltd. UK – Advisor for Marketing