Does packaging affect your final purchase decision?

As the Christmas vacation nears to its end and the new year beacons I had the privilege to observe, give and receive quite a few gifts. In my case though, I was mostly on the giving end of the pleasure.

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While the wrapping paper was being bought and later removed from the gifts I had given or received, one question came up. Does packaging really matter? The first thing I did was to start looking at the literature available in the area and know what, there is hardly much available. A very ripe area for research indeed.

Have you thought about similar line of questioning? What is your thought about it? How would you react to a creative vs. non-creative packaging? Will it really affect your purchase decision? Why?

Lets debate.

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10 Comments to “ Does packaging affect your final purchase decision?”

  1. Parvaneh says :

    I can certainly recount times when a creative packaging will make me think about buying the product. However, not all creative stuff is really useful in my opinion. I bought an ice-cream maker (probably as the packaging and information looked so cool) 2 yrs ago and have only used it once.

  2. Jeremy Menz says :

    Yes. Packaging affects my final decision. The symbolism, the hints, the images, the words all play a part.

  3. Pavan Garg says :

    Hi, I have enjoyed reading ur blog and the questions u ask. I believe packaging plays a very small part in my purchase decisions. I mostly have an idea what I wish to buy and go to the shop and buy it. But, I cant say this for my wife..:P

  4. Martin Scout says :

    Hi, just needed you to know I have added your site to my Google bookmarks because of your extraordinary blog layout. But seriously, I think your site has one of the freshest theme I’ve came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot easier.

    As for the purchase decision. Yes, packaging has effect on my decision.

  5. Erin Sicinski says :

    This is getting a bit more subjective however, as you have asked for opinion I believe in some cases packaging does have an effect such as hedonic items but when utility is kept in mind packaging doesn’t influence purchase decisions.

  6. Jessie says :

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your viewpoint.

    I work in fashion industry and packaging is the main product for many. 😛

  7. Angela King says :

    Hallo from Germany! I found this question on msn. I believe most of our regular purchasing decisions are affected by packaging of various kinds. It’s not just about fashion but also cereals. What’s on the package makes my kid buy… Angela E. King x

  8. Erin says :

    It certainly does. That’s why perfume companies spend ages to create a bottle. Packaging creates that instant love affair between a consumer and the product.

  9. Misha says :

    I agree that in today’s world, packaging has become utmost important. But at the same time, it has become so wasteful an excercise isnt it? You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views and ur blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

  10. aamir khan says :

    hi i have recently did a research on packaging and my conclusion was, that packaging does influence consumers decisions ,,,

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